Online Comparison Platforms

Over the last years, Bauer Media Group has built up a strong online comparison platform (OCP) business, and now holds market-leading positions in seven European countries. Our commitment to this business area is an essential part of shaping the company’s future: In addition to the traditional pillars of publishing and radio, young and emerging businesses like OCPs will play an important role in the years to come.


Bauer currently owns Zmarta Group, a leading Fintech company in Scandinavia; Rankomat, a leading comparison platform for insurance in Poland; NetBrokers Holding, the leading comparison platform in the Czech Republic and Slovakia; and CrediMarket, also at the top in Spain. Each of these OCPs is an independent business under the Bauer Media Group umbrella.

With leading positions in seven countries across Europe, our Online Comparison Platforms help millions of customers find better solutions for their needs in personal finance, insurance, mortgage, energy and telecommunications.

Raphael Savalle

Interim President and CFO of Business Area OCP


  • Number 1 market positions in Spain, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • Leading in seven European countries across multiple markets – including personal finance, insurance, energy, telecommunications, automobiles
  • Approximately 25% annual growth (2017-2020)

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