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Marketing and Sales Services for SME

In the last 30 years, Bauer Media Group has transformed itself from a pure publishing house to a multi-business company by investing in Radio and later Online Comparison Platform businesses. Our youngest business area is a continuation of this successful repositioning and expansion policy.

Positioning Bauer for future growth

As commerce increasingly moves online, more people are able to set up small businesses, yet the technical expertise is often outside of their core competencies. Our marketing and sales services for small and medium-sized enterprises recognize this need, offering our clients marketing communication and lead generation as a service. The end-to-end service portfolio is bundled via an easy-to-use tracking, control and performance analysis portal.

Research shows that small business owners would like help improving their online presence. Finding customers often is the most pressing issue. Imagine an all-in-one app that allows to manage not only client communication and e-commerce, but also website management, online marketing and more.

Stefan Mayer

Operational Lead, Business Area SME Services

Facts and Figures

  • Small businesses make up the largest segment of the economy
  • A 'one-stop-shop' solution for basic SME marketing needs
  • 24 million SMEs are currently operating across the EU and 58% of them wish for third-party marketing support

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